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THIS SITE IS OUT OF DATE (but still kept on line as it has some useful material on it)
The new site, for junior ED docs, is http://emtutorials.com/
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 Emergency Medicine Tutorials 

This site is designed for junior ED docs by junior docs. 

It's main focus is on PGY 1 + 2s who may be doing a run in ED or maybe covering ED after hours - or alone at night in a small hospital.  We remember how scary that is!

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A good place to start is The Emergency Medicine Approach.  Happy exploring. 

Writing these tutorials is a great way to study and to help those coming up the ranks.  Get writing +/- recording, send them in and we’ll put them on the web.

Send any feedback, let us know about things that are out of date or incorrect, suggestions, tutorials you have written or recorded: chricres@gmail.com

Also available as a blog @ http://emtutorials.com/


Be aware that some material may be out of date or just inaccurate.  Any help with updating / correcting would be much appreciated!


Dr Chris Cresswell, MBChB, FACEM
Emergency Medicine Physician
New Zealand

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